UE4 Simple Programmatic Materials

Date: 15 Oct 2018
Author: Erik Dubbelboer

As a programmer working on an Unreal game I sometimes need simple textures to design effects. Seeing as I’m really bad with photoshop and other image editing software I always prefer to generate the textures programatically. In the following screenshot you can see a simple material that generates a beam texture. You can make the beam wider or narrower by playing with the exponent in the Power function. You can turn the bean by 90 degrees by using the R instead of the G component of the BreakOut node.

Simple Beam Material

Another example is a simple translucent sphere material where again we use the texture coordinates to build the look of the material.

Simple Translucent Sphere Material

Or pulsating rings using the Sin of a Time node.

Pulsating Rings Material

Or rotating ring segments using a combination of the techniques above.

Rotating Ring Segments Material

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